Dream Beach Food



Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken, peppers, red onion, mozzarella, toasted Tortilla served with Guacamole dip sour cream and tomato salsa

250 THB

Saigon Spring Rollsl

Prawns, mint, Thai basil, cilantro, rice vermicelli, carrot, turnip, cucumber served with plum dipping sauce

250 THB

Deep-fried Vegetable Spring Roll (V)

Wrap vegetable Rice Paper, Deep-fried served with Sweet chilli dipping sauce

210 THB

Trio Bruschetta

Tomato, ricotta cheese and prosciutto and Mexican prawn avocado

310 THB

Mixed Satay

Prawns, Salmon, Chicken, Pork, Beef served with peanut sauce and cucumber salsa

390 THB

Prawns Garlic

Sauteed Andaman Prawns with garlic, butter, spice, parsley and French Bread

350 THB

Fish Tacos / Prawn Tacos / Tacos de Carne

Pan Fried White Snapper or Grilled Andaman Prawns or Flank Steak, Lettuce, avocado, cilantro, red onion, mango salsa and Sriracha mayo

350 / 350 / 450 THB

Dream Nachos (V)

Chicken or Vegetarian Tortilla chips, beans, sweet corn, tomato, Green chilli, black olive, Cheddar cheese, cilantro, guacamole, Sour cream and tomato salsa

290 / 250 THB


Deep-fried Squid rings served with homemade Tartar sauce and fresh lemon

350 THB

Super Soup

Gazpacho Soup (V)

Classic chilled soup with, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, basil, celery
Finished with Olive oil and white balsamic

250 THB


Caesar Classic / Chicken / Prawns

Grilled Chicken or Prawn, romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, croutons,
Homemade Caesar dressing and shaved parmesan

280 / 310 / 390 THB

Marinated Grilled Prawns

Grilled Andaman Prawns, pineapple, avocado, cherry tomatoes,
Radish with Lime and basil dressing

450 THB

Tomato Burrata Cheese (V)

Tomato beef, burrata cheese, rocket, pesto sauce and balsamic reduction

420 THB

Summer Salad

Mixed leave, avocado, cherry tomato, rocket, bacon bits, poached egg,
Smoked Salmon and strawberry kiwi fruit

420 THB

Goat Cheese (V)

Warm Goats Cheese, beetroot, wild rocket, cherry tomato, walnut,
Pomegranate and Honey lemon dressing

490 THB

Rock Lobster Salad

Chilled Rock Lobster, watercress, avocado, mixed leave, red radish,
Orange and Citrus basil vinaigrette

490 THB

Mixed Seaweed Salad with Seafood

Seared Tuna, Salmon, Prawn, Scallop, Mussel, Seaweed served with Spicy peanut sauce

450 THB

Crispy Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab

Deep-fried green papaya and soft shell crab with garlic, ginger, chilli, cherry tomato,
Peanut, wing bean, lime, palm sugar and dried shrimp

350 THB


Seared Yellow Fin Tuna

Grilled capsicum, zucchini, red onion, asparagus and caper sesame dressing

610 THB

Spanish Paella Rice

White prawns, mussel, chicken, Spanish chorizo, pepper, green peas and flat leaf parsley

650 THB

White Snapper

Pan-fried white snapper fillet with lemon butter sauce, beetroot salad and wild rocket salad

590 THB

Andaman Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns simply grilled and brushed with garlic butter served with mixed salad

690 THB

Seafood Mixed Grill

Whole Boston lobster, tiger prawns, salmon, tuna, squid, French mussel, Jacket potato and roasted sweet corn

2,900 THB

Salmon Steak

Salmon steak pesto crust, cauliflower puree and tomato salsa

610 THB

Seared Hokkaido Scallop

Pumpkin puree, crispy pancetta and lemon butter sauce

750 THB


Japanese Platter

Sashimi 20 Pcs., Sushi 32 Pcs., Maki Roll 20 pcs.

5000 THB

California Roll

Avocado, Crab Stick, cucumber, mayonnaise and Ebiko

280 THB

Spider Roll

Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab, cucumber, mango, mayo and Tobiko

310 THB

Dream Spicy Roll

Chopped fresh Tuna, cucumber, chilli, mayo sauce, spring onion,
Avocado and Togaras

310 THB

Philadelphia Roll

Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber and Salmon Roe

310 THB

Vegetable Roll (V)

Pickled Turnip, asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, avocado,
Sesame and Wasabi mayonnaise

280 THB

Vegetable Tempura Roll (V)

Deep-fried vegetable, avocado, mayonnaise and sesame

210 THB

Sushi 3 PCS.

Choices of Tuna, Salmon, Prawn and Shimi Saba

210 THB

Sushi 3 PCS.

Foie Gras

490 THB

Sashimi 5 PCS.

Choices of Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tails “Hamachi” and Hokkaido Scallop

330 THB

12” or 16”

Pizza Margherita (V)

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh oreganos and basil

350 / 490 THB

Pizza Proscuitto Funghi

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham and mushroom

420 / 620 THB

Pizza Proscuitto Rocket

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, wild rocket, parma ham and parmesan cheese

450 / 650 THB

Pizza Pepperoni

Tomato sauce, mozzarella and spicy pepperoni

420 / 620 THB

Pizza Fiorentino (V)

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, egg and black olive

350 / 490 THB

Pizza Tuna

Tomato puree, mozzarella, tuna in oil, black olive, onion and oregano

390 / 510 THB

Pizza Krapraw Kai

Wok-fried chicken with hot basil, garlic, chilli, tomato puree and mozzarella

350 / 490 THB

Pizza Mexican

Prawns, avocado, tomato, rocket, sweet corn, bean, tomato puree and mozzarella

450 / 650 THB


Spaghetti Carbonara

Cream, parmesan cheese and crispy pancetta

420 THB

Gnocchi Gorgonzola

Cream and gorgonzola cheese

390 THB

Spaghetti with Prawns

Pan-fried Andaman prawns, Spanish chorizo garlic, tomato sauce and wild rocket

450 THB

Mix Mushroom Risotto (V)

Mixed Asian mushroom, truffle, cream and parmesan cheese

310 THB

(Ask to go bun less)

Dream Beach Burger

Chef’s combination Wagyu Beef and Striploin Patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, Tomato and onion pickled served with French Fried and a side Coleslaw

450 THB

Tuna Burger

Fresh Tuna Patty, tomato, onion pickled, wild rocket, lettuce and Wasabi mayonnaise, Served with French Fried and a side Coleslaw

350 THB


Lightly coated deep-fried Chicken, lettuce, tomato and lime curry mayonnaise Served with French Fried and a side Coleslaw

350 THB

Chicken Fajitas

Warm Tortilla, Mexican Spiced Chicken, red and green pepper, onion, Cheddar cheese, Cilantro and lime served with Tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream and French Fried

350 THB

Rock Lobster Roll

Deep-fried Rock Lobster, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spiced cocktail sauce and potato chips

350 THB

Mixed Slider Burger

Beef, Prawns, Dori Fish served with Seasoned Potato Chips

350 THB


Tom Yum Goong

Traditional spicy prawn soup with Thai herb and lemongrass

310 THB

Khao Phad Kai / Seafood

Fried rice with chicken or with prawn, squid, fish and mussel

250 / 350 THB

Phad Thai Kai / Goong

Wok-fried rice noodle with chicken or prawn, bean spouts, Tofu and tamarind sauce

290 / 390 THB

Phad Kapraw Kai

Wok-fried chicken, chilli, garlic and hot basil

250 THB

Phad Cha Talay

Wok-fried seafood with garlic, chilli, basil, eggplant, green pepper corn and finger root

450 THB


Dream Beach Signature Chocolate Lava Cake

Our melt in the middle chocolate cake, fresh berry coulis served with vanilla ice cream

350 THB

Mango Sticky Rice

Coconut milk and sesame seed

310 THB


Meringue, whipped cream, Creme Anglaise, fresh fruit and berries

310 THB

Raspberry Cheese Cake

Baked cheese cake, cashew nut almond crumble, lemon peel and raspberry sauce

310 THB

Italian Sorbet

Lemon or Mango

120 THB per scoop

Italian Ice Cream

Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry Honey

120 THB per scoop

Coconut Ice Cream

Served in coconut shell

170 THB

Mixed Fruit Platter

Selection of mixed seasonal fruit

350 THB


(Served with a choice of potato – sauteed, French Fried or Creamy Mash)

Australian Rib Eye Steak 250 / 400 Grams

Steamed broccoli, baby carrots and mushroom sauce

790 / 1,190 THB

Flank Steak 250 Grams

Churrosco Flank Steak, mixed salad and Chimichurri sauce

690 THB

Rotisserie Chicken Thai or French Style

Half chicken served with mixed salad

350 THB

New Zealand Lamb Rack

Roasted lamb rack crust herb, green peas puree, garlic confit, Baby carrot and red wine jus

1290 THB

All Prices are subject to 10% Service Charge and 7% Government Tax